Choosing a Professional House Painter


If you’re in search of a painting contractor to give your home’s exterior a facelift, you have some things to consider. Besides, these pros are not all created equal, so you have to know how to assess them and choose wisely.

Start with at least two or three prospects.

Call in these contractors and make sure you’re home when they come for your initial meeting. You need to be there so you can see how long it took them to check things out. Longer is better in most cases. Verify the information that you’ve read about Sarasota Interior Painting is very interesting and important.

Present your expectations.

How many coats must be applied isn’t the only factor that affects the price and quality of the job. Preparation also has a big role to play. For instance, if you’re looking for totally smooth and even results – that is, free from any remnants of previous paint jobs – make it known to the contractors, and don’t be surprised if they charge you extra for it.

Ask for a written estimate from every contractor on your shortlist

This should include details of everything, from labor to number of coats of paint and primer to paint brands and all else that will affect the results. To remark the understanding about painting services, visit the link.

Call references and take a look at past work.

If you get good feedback from the contractors’ past clients, that’s obviously a good sign. Don’t rely on words though. Politely ask them if you could personally come and see the contractors’ work. It’s best to inspect projects that were done several years ago so you can see how the quality is holding up.

Review your prospects’ credentials.

While membership in an industry association or local business group doesn’t guarantee good work, it shows that the contractor is committed and reliable. Also find out if the contractor has any unresolved complaints filed by previous clients (your attorney-general’s office and the Business Business Bureau) and if they even have the appropriate licenses to begin with (your state’s Contractor’s License Reference website).

Don’t proceed without a written and complete contract.

A complete contract is one that has the contractor’s business details, such as name, office address and phone numbers (cellphone and landline) and license number, plus everything in the written estimate. Most importantly, the document should clearly state what is and what is not part of the job, including the start and end dates. Full payment should be withheld until you are totally happy with the outcome. You may have to make a down payment of 10-15%. Remember to get a copy of the contractor’s insurance certificates, both liability and workers’ compensation. Without a doubt, an uninsured contractor is way too dangerous.

Get a guarantee.

You should get a guarantee for chipping, excessive fading, peeling or any other quality issues within a period of two years after completion of the project. Finally, take note that paint warranty is separate from labor warranty.

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